Birthday Themes for Girls and Boys

Ideas for a perfect children’s birthday party

The perfect children’s birthday party requires a bit of preparation. Parents usually know exactly what theme their child is in to. So it’s even nicer when the birthday party is completely dedicated to this theme and both the location and the party products are completely dedicated to it. We have compiled our top 6 themes for 2022. These should serve as inspiration for you.

1. The Gruffalo Party

Who is this creature with terrible claws and terrible teeth in his terrible jaws?..
We also love The Gruffalo as much as all the children do. A Gruffalo children’s party? We can help you organise it. You will find the necessary products, such as plates, cups, tablecloths, even cupcake decorations, and give-aways. The birthday child will have a wonderful birthday.

Confetti & paper streamers

Green Holographic Serpentine Throws

CHF 3.50
CHF 2.90

Confetti & paper streamers

Confetti Orange (round) (10gr.)

CHF 2.80
CHF 2.95
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2. Minecraft Party

Not only popular with our young clients- The fascinating world of blocks and pixels is also enjoying great popularity with a wide audience this year. The matching decorations transform every room into an exciting and colourful party location. Matching displays and giveaways on the tables provide entertainment and variety. 


Pennants, garlands & lanterns

Minecraft Party Banner

CHF 10.50

Confetti & paper streamers

Confetti Green (round) (10gr.)

CHF 2.80
CHF 4.50
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3. Emoji Party

Smileys in all variations. We love them and use them in our communication. What a lovely theme to add emotion to the joyous celebration. Laughing, grinning, happy, cheerful…. Everything that brightens up the celebration and brings joy. The party theme emoji always goes down well with children, teens and adults.

4. Animals as a party theme

Every child has a favourite animal. Be it a horse, cat, monkey or a shark. Matching plates, wall decorations and maybe even masks are all part of the animal-themed party. Let children’s hearts beat faster and surprise your loved ones with their favourite animal as a party theme. 

5. Pirate Party

A fascinating theme at a children’s birthday party: pirates. Maybe because they act so self-confident and cheeky or maybe because they move outside the norms. Many children dream of sailing around the world as a pirate on a pirate ship and experiencing unforgettable adventures. Dressing up as a pirate is the absolute highlight and it would be a shame to wait until carnival to do it. 

6. Dinosaur Party

Again and again we resurrect them. The giant creatures from our prehistory always inspire us and our children anew. The theme never goes out of fashion and offers plenty of room for creativity. Let your loved ones sink into the world of dinosaurs and give them a birthday they will not soon forget. 

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