Shark Premium Party Pack

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Our Shark Essential Party Pack offers you an EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT and includes plates, cups, napkins and a tablecover. Our Premium Party Pack includes all this plus party decorations and more.

This Premium Pack contains:
8 Shark Party Plates
8 Shark Party Cups
16 Shark Party Napkins
1 Shark Paper Tablecover
3 Shark Dangling Cutouts
1 Shark Table Decoration
8 Blue Balloons

Shark Party Plates (8pcs.)

Each packet contains 8 Shark Party Plates

Material: Paper
Diameter: 23cm

There is enough room on these party plates to feed the hungry shark researchers.


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Shark Party Cups (8pcs.)

Each packet contains 8 Shark Party Cups.

Material: Paper
Capacity 256ml

These cool cups are perfect for your shark or under the sea party.

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Shark JAW-SOME! Party Napkins (16pcs.)

Each packet contains 16 Shark JAW-SOME! Party Napkins.

Size: approx. 33 x 33cm (unfolded)
Material: Paper - 2 layers

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Shark Paper Tablecover, 137x259cm

Each packet contains 1 Shark Paper Table Cover

Size: 137 x 259cm
Colour: blue with sharks
Material: Paper

This tablecover is perfect for shar, under the sea or pirate parties.

There’s no need to use it only as table cover - use it to make a shark themed pass the parcel or wrap presents large or small!

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Shark Dangling Cutouts

Each packet contains 3 Shark Dangling Cutouts

Length of the Dangling Cutouts approx.: 91cm

These dangling cutouts will not only look great at a birthday party, but also in the bedroom of a shark fan.

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Shark Table Decoration

Each packet contains 1 Shark Table Decoration

Material: Cardboard
Size: 22 x 21cm

A cool table decoration for your shark or ocean, under the sea party.

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Pearlised Blue Balloons (8pcs.)

Each packet contains 8 Pearlised Blue Balloons.

Size: approx. 25 cm

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Shark Premium Party Pack
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